Change and Transition

The way the world works is changing at an ever-increasing pace. At FuturePath, we are proud to be our clients’ trusted partner, helping them navigate the twists and turns of business life with a clear eye on the road ahead. 

We are New Zealand’s largest locally-owned and operated Change Management and Future of Work business; world leaders in the implementation and delivery of seamless Career Change, Career Transition and Outplacement, Talent Protection and High Performance strategies.

We offer world-leading Talent Protection Programmes to ensure that our clients’ employees are protected and secure throughout change, as well as enhancing employer branding and staff engagement.

Our Customised Career Change, Transition and Outplacement options provide our clients’ employees with practical next steps to help shape and design their future careers.

Our specialist Change Workshops cover subjects such as:

  • Navigating Change
  • Preparing for Redeployment
  • Career Transition & Outplacement
  • Future Strong

Career Transition & Outplacement

Our Career Transition & Outplacement services are world-leading in terms of the breadth of the options that we offer. They include One-to-One Coaching for every participant from our National Coaching Centre, which is supported by our benchmark FuturePath Capability Academy with its immense library of resources.

We customise all of our One-to-One Programmes from a set of over 30 modules, so that each Career Transition & Outplacement Programme is designed to deliver the exact outcome each participant requires.

This includes practical guidance on how to create their future career, which our CareerDecisionMaker assessment identifies. This unlocks a more conscious understanding of who they are and what roles they are uniquely suited to.

Our participants build their own programmes drawing on our One-to-One Coaching advice and guidance from the 30+ modules available and from their career assessments.

The result is a planned Career Pathway to Success for them, as well as faster landings in new roles.

Customised Workshops

We offer a range of interactive and highly engaging Career Workshops that support and give your employees the skills and tools they need in areas such as:

  • CV’s 
  • Interviews 
  • Job Search
  • LinkedIn
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Starting a Small Business

Job Concierge

Simple, yet highly effective, this service helps exiting employees find jobs through local recruiters and businesses.

We identify a key contact person within these organisations and link them with our key clients to access available roles.

Stay Strong | Kia Kaha

Our globally-recognised Workshop provides your employees with the knowledge and tools to build resiliency muscle and to manage the tension points that are often a consequence of change.

It equips your employees for change by utilising a range of tools, skills and reframing methodologies that can be used to their benefit at both work and home.
We help each person understand their belief systems, their embedded thinking, their key stress triggers and how to manage change and their responses to challenging life events.