Talent Protection

Safe-guarding and securing the tenure of your high value employees is vital to the ongoing success of your organisation. FuturePath’s exclusive processes offer proven, practical solutions to deliver on this goal.


Our customisable Onboarding Coaching Programme uses our highly-regarded LAUNCH (Learn - Assess - Understand - Communicate - Heighten) Programme to successfully induct and establish an employee within their role over a period of 90 days. This covers both internal transfers and external appointments.

Career Pathways

This Future of Work interactive workshop will give your employees the knowledge, skills and techniques to make meaningful decisions about their future career options with confidence. This will be aligned and integrated with the key outtakes from their CareerDecisionMaker Report.

Life Architex (Over 45s)

Our fastest-growing transition programme focuses on delivering insightful career options for staff aged 45 and over - an often neglected group.

Our Workshop and One-to-One coaching programmes will reveal a clear picture of their future as the first step to forming a workable plan and practical options.

We also offer an Online Assessment which paints a realistic picture of their opportunities over the next 20-30 years for each participant and, often, for their partners.

Stay Interviews

These sessions are structured conversations between a skilled interviewer and a high-talent employee to discover their pain points and motivational drivers.

This method achieves a clearer understanding of job satisfaction and engagement, as well as revealing the key drivers for the person to stay in their role - or why they may consider leaving.

Engaging FuturePath to conduct these interviews can help save time and implicitly signal the importance of the process, resulting in more candid answers.

Learning Guru

Our development Coach recommends online learning courses for participants and then sets and monitors study plans. As a support resource, the Learning Guru offers wisdom and mentoring to ensure superb educational value for the participant from their upskilling options.

Online Masterskilling

  • Coursera

A rich source of online courses, specialisations and online degrees to enable learning at the participant’s own pace.


Exit Interviews

Committing to the process of exit interviews can be a valuable way of unearthing insights, issues and opportunities for significant improvement within your organisation.

By using FuturePath’s trained interviewers to conduct these meetings, with the surety of anonymity for the exiting employee, you can expect increased response rates and more authentic feedback beyond the surface-level data and patterns.