High Performance

We understand the secrets of High Performance and the focused commitment required to make it an integral part of any group’s DNA.

FuturePath’s industry-leading methodologies can help fuse robust, high performance actions into the heart of your business by reframing individual, organisational and team thinking.

Our key programmes include:

  • Senior Executive Coaching 

A highly-customised One-to-One programme that identifies motivators, skills, strengths and innate talents. It is focused on developing high levels of personal ownership around professional challenges and outcomes.

  • Vision to Action

A world-leading strategic planning methodology that creates a disciplined, focused framework to deliver a culture of performance delivery and a commitment to achieving desired results within specific timeframes.

Coaching 4 High Performance

Our Coaching 4 High Performance Programme is steeped in the powerful methods of Connector Coaching.

In a full day foundation Workshop and four half-day Workshops over four months, we’ll show your managers and team leaders how to draw on experiences and skill-sets to achieve high value outcomes and embed high performance actions.

We will examine what coaching actually is and help to:

  • Leverage coaching skills
  • Grow new coaching skills 
  • Become a Connector Coach
  • Embed performance mindsets

Understanding Capability and Potential

We have a number of proprietary assessments that offer insights into both your own and your team’s potential. These include:

  • CareerDecisionMaker: 

Our world-leading online assessment tool that assists your employees in defining clear Career Pathways and identifies the ideal roles for them.

  • Wiser: 

This unique leadership report delves into personality and leadership behaviours. It helps participants better manage change, encourages improved team performance and prepares them for the next stages in their careers.

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder: 

This concentrates on those elements of professional performance that you and your team members are naturally good at – your strengths. Our StrengthsFinder supports increased employee engagement, leadership development, productivity, personal well-being and where your strengths can best be leveraged.

Protecting Knowledge Risk & Intellectual Property

Our Knowledge Risk Transfer Programme is the gold standard for protecting your institutional knowledge and intellectual property. Its scope covers:

  • People who are leaving
  • People who are retiring
  • Expertise with too few people
  • Where Critical Knowledge needs sit 

We can help establish where your critical knowledge and intellectual property resides and develop learning plans to share this intel more widely. It ensures that critical knowledge is documented and then transferred to people who will use it in the future.