Work of the Future

The nature of work, as we know it, is changing - rapidly. This shift, driven by artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, is and will be as profound as any the world has seen before.

FuturePath designs strategies and employs tools to identify talent, reskill those people and build  frameworks that help develop successful, future proofed organisations.

Talent Mapping

This ingenious charting and measurement tool assesses your current and developmental talent pool in line with its ability to deliver to your objectives. 

The programme considers your current talent, your potential developers and, over a 2-3 year period, helps target the external talent you will require to be successful.

Transferable Skills Framework

Finding ways to redeploy individuals within your existing workforce to meet developing objectives is not only more efficient, it’s more cost-effective too.

By building a skill framework, FuturePath can help you understand where certain skills sit and protect these capabilities from leaving the organisation by identifying alternative roles. 

If re-sklilling or performance coaching is required, our world-leading programmes are always available to you. 

Talent Gap Analysis

Using our Talent Mapping model, we identify the skills and capabilities required to deliver to your organisational objectives over the next 2 to 3 years. 

We then assess the talent currently within the organisation, what can be developed and establish a clear view and recommendation on the resource that is required to fill the gap

ReSkilling and FutureProofing

Our world-leading systems, including the highly-regarded People Design Architects, lead to frameworks and strategies that can have a transformative effect on your organisation.

They significantly improve organisational performance, protect talent and create competitive advantage for the long term.

ReSkilling offers impressive ROI. It keeps people within your organisation and enhances their capabilities through Coaching and other advanced skills training programmes.

Strategic Talent Acquisition

This project-based service is undertaken over a 3-year period to deliver the specific talent you need to achieve your organisational objectives. 

As it’s project-based, it’s significantly more cost-effective than standard Search and Recruitment.

Strategic Talent Acquisition is tightly-focused and known to produce exceptional results.