• Terry McCloy

    Terry McCloy

    "Our people take my breath away with what they do and who they are."
  • Andy McCormack

    Andy McCormack

    "I love working with people who work with 'heart' and this sums up our team. Our entire team puts its heart and soul into every person we meet and every life we touch."
  • Lisa Callander

    Lisa Callander

    "I want to feel inspired, challenged and involved in work that has meaning and purpose - FuturePath encompasses all of these for me. The team around me inspire me to bring my A game every day. I am encouraged to challenge myself, grow, and strive for excellence.

    And the positive change we make in the lives of every individual we cross paths with - if that is not meaning and purpose, then I'm not sure what is!"
  • Angela Besant

    Angela Besant

    "Our genuine passion and energy to create meaningful human connections with everyone we meet"
  • Kelly-Jo Ward

    Kelly-Jo Ward

    "I love that I get the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life every day. People are my passion and I understand the challenges that people face, especially in times of uncertainty. Being able to provide quality career guidance, support and pragmatic advice through such times really drives me.

    With the support and care from the fabulous team I work with, I am able to help people grow and enable them to achieve their full potential - which is an absolute privilege!"
  • Angela Joe

    Angela Joe

    "Often people overlook their skills, talents and accomplishments; I love that part of my role is to dig a little deeper to reveal their superpowers.

    Empowering dynamic and practical actions towards their career goals!"